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Married Housing in Rexburg

Rexburg Married Housing

Finding housing as a married couple can bring its own sets of challenges.

Rexburg has its fair share of married couples who are either just starting their life together, need a close place to stay while going to BYU-Idaho, or just want affordable living arrangements that have nice amenities and is well cared for. Searching for married housing in Rexburg (also called community housing), can be a big shift from finding approved-student housing. Here are a couple of tips to help finding your new apartment a little easier.

Apply Early and get on Wait Lists

Getting your information to your manager early, and clearly communicating your situation can go a long way when you’re looking and availability opens up. Most move-in’s and outs occur near the end of semesters which can get extremely busy for managers. The sooner you’ve built a relationship and expressed an interest in staying at an apartment complex, the more likely you are to have your application accepted.

If the place you really want to live is all booked up, it can’t hurt to be added to a wait list. People’s living situations change all the time, and there could be availability that opens up sooner than you expect.

Take into account Location and Amenities

The monthly cost of an apartment lease isn’t all that goes into the expense. Sometimes a close location or an in-house washer and dryer can do more for saving you money and time than a few extra bucks saved in a lease.


You may not have considered it, but some apartments have the option to come with furnishing. For people who are just starting out this can be an enormous help. Furnishing usually includes a couch, kitchen table and bed. Each of our rooms comes furnished or has the option to be furnished on request.

Other Complexes

While we think that this is an amazing complex, and would be delighted to have any readers apply and live here, we also can give our highest recommendation to two others.